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Please read following before submit the applications

We welcome everything as long it is not illegal. You can develop and host your website with html, php and JavaScript.

We will not delete your account because your website has million clicks per day, but we will delete the site if you have program to scan the server or doing a spam.

We strongly prohibit Adult-related site, any site with Adult content, picture or link would be terminated immediately, your IP address or IP range would be added into our server blacklist.

Now, here we go.

The Login page is quite straightforward. If you have problem to use it, or you are not an expert on the HTML, check following links,

Step 1: Creating your personal Web page

Step 2: Checking your Web page using a browser

Step 3: Transferring your Web page to the Web space server

Hosting Detail:

What we offer:

- 10MB free web space
- No banners
- Unlimited bandwidth
- Easy sign-up
- Quick support
- Easy-to-use File Manager

What type of file we support:

- .HTML (or .HTM)
- .JPG (or .GIF)
- .TXT
- .CSS
- .JS

What file we DO NOT support:

- PL

PHP is disabled due to high volumn of spam and abuse.